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In our experience, and while these are certainly not the only reasons, there a three top reasons why website projects fail.

  1. The first is the lack of a clear objective. You know you need to embark on a website redesign, but what are you looking to accomplish or measure at the end of the project in order to deem the website redesign a success or failure? Having clear objectives and success metrics upfront will limit any doubt from across the organization on “why we’re doing what we’re doing”.
  2. Secondly, stakeholder involvement is key to the success of your website project. Getting leadership involved early will eliminate the risk that months of hard work will be scrapped because they weren’t involved in the overall strategic direction of the site from the beginning.
  3. Additionally, and perhaps most important to ensuring a project is delivered on time and on budget, is having a clear timeline or plan. With a website redesign, there are many moving pieces and all team members must understand how any deviations from the plan can impact the overall completion date.

By outlining objectives and getting stakeholders involved in the process, this helps everyone adhere to the timeline or plan that’s been put forth. With a sound foundation to the strategic direction, creativity and good design will ultimately follow.

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