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We are leading Skills and Talents Development Corporation that is building a manpower pool for global industry requirements.

We specialize in custom-tailored multimedia solutions.

There is a Fierce Competition for good jobs. Young People today need to prepare well for this competition and acquire the knowledge and skills required to be the preferred choice of employers.

Here is where the SMS’s range of Employability Programs will help. These programs prepare our students for career in one of the fastest growing Industry of IT. IT industry is generating a high demand for skilled professionals and provides some of the best career growth opportunities. Offering a wide range of specializations in different IT domains, these employability programs will enable our students to stand out for technology jobs anywhere in the world. Mapped to real job roles and many prestigious global certifications, the SMS Employability programs are the best solution to realize the dream for a great career.

We’re on a mission to simplify multimedia tasks

Our passion is to develop young minds towards sustainable future through arrays of ICT talent developmental programs and projects.









Managed I.T. solutions tailored to your business.

We travel all over the world with comprehensive digital solutions that meet all needs.

Discover the Tech Innovations

We are positioned for all round multimedia solutions


Digital Broadcasting

DigiBro hosting packages are bursting with great features to help you build and maintain your broadcasting and online streaming presence.

Messaging Services

Build and grow your business with the world’s most advanced AI-powered email and sms platform.Automate the delivery of highly personalized campaigns

Hosting Services

Launch your website with a 1-click install. Hosting at low monthly rates. Get a Free Domain and 24/7 Support from our Experts. Get Started Today!
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Shopping Service is Africa’s best online shopping destination. We have everything you could possibly need for life and living at the best prices than anywhere else. Our swift delivery is second to none.

Development Services

We develop multimedia applications and programs for cooperate developments. We provide (through retained professionals or otherwise) of development, design or construction, management or similar services


We provide the Best Text to Speech Software and is supportive to youtube videos, IVR systems or virtual assistants, automated call centers, in-vehicle navigation, talking kiosks and ATMs.
Consumer insights. Market innovation.

With a strong focus on assuming leadership role in the Digital Learning World and to further accelerate SMS’s growth and profitability, the establishment has charted a focused business strategy to address the Digital Transformation needs for individuals and corporate customers by offering training and consulting to help them re-invent themselves & their organizations.

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Sdb Live Radio

Sdb Live Radio

Sdb Live Radio breaks intercontinental barriers by providing first class digital broadcasting service across the globe. Sdb Live Radio provides the best of contemporary music and programs for inspiration and building of young minds.

Connect with Sdb Live Radio
Sdb Live TV

Sdb Live TV

Sdb Live TV breaks intercontinental barriers by providing first class digital broadcasting service across the globe. Sdb Live TV provides the best of contemporary music and programs for inspiration and building of young minds.

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Job Connect

Job Connect

We are passionate to get you hired and fulfil your dream. Being responsible for so many hires in the past, we have built a profound expertise in this area. We are well aware of the daily struggle to hire top talent – both as a candidate and as a recruiter.

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Web Development

Web Development

We build websites and applications for the internet, or for a private network known as an intranet.

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Farm Shopping

Best Farm Price

Farmers and consumers can now conveniently and securely shop online for quality items and receive orders safely at their locations. Our passion is to make agriculture convenient for everyone by connecting farmers to quality inputs quickly, conveniently, and safely as well as connecting farms produce to different houses cheaply.

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Food Order

Food Order

We present to you a professional food delivery Solution. Food Order helps customers find the best restaurants, cafes and many other businesses near them. Be it exploring the food dishes or food photos, ordering food online or booking a table, Food Order has it all

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